Our Birth Philosophy

We view child birth as a natural event and not a medical emergency. Giving birth is a transformative experience, a journey that calls for expert care & safe assistance during the natural progression of childbirth

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Our Mission

Tender Gifts Midwifery & Birth Center’s mission is to offer safe, comfortable, and empowering birth experiences. Our passion is providing women in our community with every opportunity to experience the birth they desire, whether that’s in the comfort of their own home or a free standing birth center. As the first free standing birth center in Northern Colorado, one of our biggest goals is to educate our clients on their options, while providing the highest level of safe, individualized and empowering care to the women in our community. Each expecting woman and their families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, while receiving care with Tender Gifts Midwifery. Regardless of the journey you choose, our midwives will be there to support you through wellness care, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Birth Center’s

When surveyed, we found that women want to have a choice in where and how they birth.

88% of Northern Colorado women would prefer to have Midwifery led care in a birth center environment.

​A birth center in Northern Colorado is what women in our community deserve.


Tender Gifts Birth Center provides complete prenatal care throughout your pregnancy. Studies have shown that the more you know and trust your midwife, the safer the outcome for mother and baby through Midwifery led care.


At your birth you will be supported by licensed Midwives and Registered Nurses who will be by your side every step of the way. At your home or the birth center we will monitor your vital signs, the progress of labor, the baby’s heartbeat and general well being.


Whether you birth in our center or at home, we provide you with home visits in the first 10 days of life and office visits and phone consultations as needed up to six weeks postpartum. Your midwife is available to you during this period.


Once baby is born, the family will have time to quietly and privately bond with your baby. Once you are ready your midwife will give the newborn a thorough head-to-toe examination and the weight, measurements and reflexes will be checked.

Personalized Care
Services Provided

Tender Gifts Midwifery provides standard women’s health, with a focus on reproductive care. The current services provided include:
·          Natural family planning
·          Prenatal care
·          Labor and delivery in client’s home or birth center
·          Postpartum and well-baby care up to 6 weeks

Our birth center the services will  include:
·          Labor and delivery in birth center with unique birthing
​           options
·          Full family planning
·          Well women services
·          Ultrasound services
Well Women Services
Services Provided
Birth Center

Personalized Care, Exceptional Staff

As an alternative to Homebirth, Tender Gifts Birth Center is Northern Colorado’s first full service birth center. Our center’s atmosphere will give you a caring, warm, and home-like environment where you are supported and respected as well as safe and secure. You will have a private room, bathroom & birthing tub for giving birth the way you choose: make yourself comfortable, wear the clothing you choose, eat when you feel hungry, move as you please and choose to labor in a birth tub or have a waterbirth.

Our Birth Center Is Equipped With:

  •  Four Beautiful Birth
  • Rooms With Big Comfy
  • Birthing Tubs
  • Prenatal Rooms Equipped With Everything Needed During Each Appointment
  • Complete Full Service Lab
  • Community Gathering Area
  • Ultrasounds & On Trend Technologies In a Birth Center Environment
  • Private Parking
  • Convenient Midtown Fort Collins Location
Well Women Services
Personalized Care

Happy People Have Happy Births


“I cannot speak more highly of Tender Gifts Midwifery. As a doula I’ve worked with many care providers in the Northern Colorado area. However, I have now had the privilege of both working with them and having Tender Gifts Midwifery attend my own birth and I can say is they will be the first person we call should we decide to have anymore tiny humans. She respects the power within women, empowers them through the tough spots, and maintains a safe and calm atmosphere. Everyone should have the opportunity to love their birth and this one was by far my favorite.”

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