Bereavement + Loss Doula

Loss in any stage of pregnancy is something that nobody hopes to experience. Chances are, you’re visiting this page because you are experiencing a loss, planning a loss, have previously experienced a loss, or are now pregnant after a loss. We are so sorry that you needed to find this page. We are here to fully support you where you are at and provide resources to help walk you through. 



Bereavement Doula Support You?



We are here to help educate you on what you might experience during the loss of your baby



We are here to help to prepare you to welcome your baby and for the details of life after loss, like funeral or memorial if requested.



Taking pictures of your family and your baby, postpartum support, providing lactation options, providing keepsakes, helping to explain to siblings or family, and providing resources and support to help you walk through your grief.


Kelby joined our team at Tender Gifts Midwifery as our bereavement doula.  She has a passion to support and educate families in pregnancy, birth, loss, and into parenthood. While she started as a birth doula she quickly found her path in working with families experiencing pregnancy loss in our community. 

Kelby has always had a passion for labor and birth, after having her kids that passion only grew to support others during birth. She thought her path would be to go into Labor and Delivery as a nurse. That all changed when she met her first doula. Over the past few years Kelby has served many families in many different capacities. Her desire to support and educate quickly led to her taking a bereavement and loss training. She knew very quickly this was the work she was meant to be doing. Kelby has now supported many local and national families through loss at different stages of pregnancy.

From Kelby –

I am here to create a safe and trusting place so that we can have the hard conversations, ask the hard questions to help you plan your loss and what comes next, and to help you honor your baby in the ways you want to. I will also be here to help answer questions and support you as you walk through the stages of grief. 

As a bereavement doula I also am here to support pregnancy after loss. Navigating through a pregnancy when you’ve experienced a loss can feel very uncertain. I am here to support you through this journey and answer your questions as they come up. 



Please join us for our support groups that are open to the community.

We have a safe space that you can come and be with other families who have, or are going through, loss. Keep an eye on our events calendar which you can find on our website for times of these groups and our weekly virtual group.

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