Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Althea Hrdlichka Owner


Althea Hrdlichka, CPM
Midwife, Owner, and Clinical Director

Althea Hrdlichka is a Certified Professional Midwife licensed in Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona. After completion of her clinical training in Arizona and Northern Colorado, she graduated from National Midwifery Institute in October of 2016 and received her national licensure in February of 2017.

Althea started her solo homebirth practice in 2016 and shortly after began pursuing her dreams to open Northern Colorado’s first freestanding birth center, Tender Gifts Midwifery & Birth Center. Althea began her career as a birth and postpartum doula in 2009 after the birth of her 4th baby. Her drive for supporting families during the most precious times in their lives began after having a number of different birthing experiences herself, ending with the most perfect homebirth.

She has had the honor of attending over 500 births. Althea has helped the women in our community with preconception counseling, prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Tender Gifts serves clients in Northern Colorado, Southern Wyoming and Nebraska.

Althea’s goal for Tender Gifts is to provide gentle, loving care to any and all clients, helping them have the birth experience they deserve.



Brecklen Ables

Brecklen started her journey into the birth world with the intent to become an OBGYN. Through the birth of her own children, Brecklen discovered how incredible birth was and how strong women are. This discovery sparked a passion to move away from the hospital setting and return to the roots of birth by supporting women through community birth.

Brecklen is a mother to four children with all different birth stories. Her first was a cesarean, her second was a hospital VBAC, her third was a second trimester loss, and her fourth was a HBAC. After having kids, she returned to birth work by becoming a doula which strengthened her desire to become a midwife. After completing a medical study in Kenya and Tanzania, Brecklen came back and immediately enrolled in midwifery school.

 Brecklen was born and raised in Northern Colorado and loves this community and is so very grateful to be able to support them through their pregnancies, birth, and beyond. She believes that trust and support are the absolute must haves in birth and will support families in any walk of life.



Shay began nursing school with the intent of working labor and delivery. During that time, she went to El Salvador on a mission trip for 2 months and worked side by side with a community midwife. During her time there, her mind was changed for good, and she knew that community midwifery was the right path for her.

Therefore, she shifted gears and enrolled in Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, in Wisconsin. Shay worked with the Amish community in rural Indiana and Wisconsin. She has attended many different types of births, to include breach and twins. She graduated with her Direct Entry Midwifery degree and got her CPM in 2021 and moved to Colorado to work with Tender Gifts in December 2022.

Shay Lucas

PRN Midwives

Jen Grieco PRN Midwife

Jen Grieco

PRN Midwife

Learn More About Jen

Jen was born and raised in a small town in Southern California. One of her earliest memories was the birth of her younger sister and immediately feeling a sense of fascination. She desired to nurture and protect her. Shortly after she began telling everyone that she was going to be a “baby doctor,” and became intrigued by babies, bellies, and birth.

As a young adult, her curiosity of the medical world led her to a nursing career in various OB/GYN specialties, but after several years and the birth of her third child she knew that something was missing. After many long nights of searching and connecting with other families in the community, she saw an opportunity for change and growth. In this quest towards becoming a midwife, she discovered her calling.

In 2008 Jen officially began her midwifery journey by enrolling in the National College of Midwifery. In 2011 she became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives and a Licensed Midwife (LM) in the state of California, and most recently, she and her family moved to Northern Colorado where she was able to gain recognition a Registered Midwife (RM).

Her 14 years of midwifery experience and welcoming her own children earthside have greatly influenced her philosophy surrounding birth and her desire to be of service to families during this sacred time. She believes in client-centered, holistic and individualized care and that each person’s body, their baby and their choices must be respected. Jen is deeply honored to learn from so many diverse families and stand alongside them as they traverse this journey. She feels humbled and blessed that each day she knows whole-heartedly that she is living out her passion and purpose in life.

Jen is a wife and mother of four children. She speaks Spanish and is passionate about advocating for women in many different capacities. When not immersed in the birth world she loves exploring this beautiful planet, backpacking adventures, traveling with family, and of course binge watching a Netflix show post birth with sparkling water and dark chocolate.

Victoria Flore Clinical Manager

Victoria Fiore

Midwife and Clinical Manager

Learn More About Victoria

Victoria is coming back from her maternity leave and you will see her (and Margot!) around the office.

Victoria Fiore is a Colorado Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife. She graduated from Mercy In Action College of Midwifery in 2018 after completing her clinical training at Mercy Birth Center in Idaho. 

After the homebirth of her daughter in Fall of 2021, Victoria took a step back from being a full-time midwife. She has continued to work with midwifery students in their training and skills and helping out the midwifery community! Victoria is excited to continue serving women and their families with compassionate, evidence based, maternity care. 

Victoria enjoys doing life with her husband and daughter, which usually means tackling an endless list of projects, fly-fishing, and listening to audio books.

Jenn Foltz

Jenn Foltz

PRN Midwife

Learn More About Jenn

Midwifery has been a love and passion of Jenn’s for 22 years! While attending midwifery school in the Philippines from 2000-2001, her heart became impassioned with the opportunity to come alongside women during their special time of pregnancy and birth. Her heart is to always provide women with the support and care they deserve and to be an advocate for their needs and desires. Experiencing midwifery in another culture has been the highlight and privilege of her journey as a midwife and she hopes to return to this in another season of life. After experiencing her own pregnancies and homebirths of her three sons, this only deepened her keen awareness that a woman’s body is beautifully created to grow, birth, and nurture another human being.  

A native of Colorado, Jenn has been happily married to her husband Steven for 20 years, and now has five children after adopting their youngest son and daughter from the Philippines in 2021! Jenn loves spending time with her family, hiking, biking, traveling, and relaxing together. She is also blessed that her family is very supportive of her role as a midwife. 

AUBREY MAST certified professional midwife in colorado


PRN Midwife

Learn More About Aubrey

Aubrey Mast is a Certified Professional Midwife licensed in Colorado. She graduated from Mercy in Action College of Midwifery in 2019 after completing her clinical training in Northern Colorado.

​​Aubrey finished her training with Tender Gifts Midwifery, where she went on to stay as a staff midwife. Aubrey found her passion for midwifery after attending the birth of her best friend’s baby, at home. While Aubrey first considered a career in nursing, she soon realized out of hospital midwifery was her calling. Aubrey has a passion to educate families and facilitate the birth they desire.

Heather Eckstein


PRN Midwife

Learn More About Heather

Heather’s career in birth work began in 2005 when she began supporting families as a DONA doula and became a LLL Leader in 2007.  She is now a Certified Professional Midwife and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Heather graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery and a Master of Arts in Maternal-Child Health Systems. 

Heather is married to her husband Jason, who has served in active duty military for the last 19 years.  They have eight children, including two sets of identical twins.  She enjoys traveling and camping with her family.

Student Midwives

Jessica Villella

Sheradia Seek

Student Midwife

Learn More About Sheradia

Sheradia is a student midwife, currently studying at Mercy in Action College of Midwifery. 

Sheradia initially desired to enter the medical field in high school. After she graduated high school she had the opportunity to go overseas for medical missions. While there, she was able to learn more about mother and baby health, and the miraculous ability women have. She realized her true passion was in midwifery, and caring for mothers and babies. Her heart is for women and women’s health, being there to advocate, support, and encourage. 

She was able to grow up in an environment supporting natural remedies and is continuing to learn new ways to implement this during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She is excited to promote an environment that is safe, welcoming, loving, and respectful as mothers welcome their new babies into the world.

Birth & Clinical Assistants

The birth and clinical assistants at Tender Gifts are experienced in caring for prenatal, labor, postpartum patients. 

VICTORIA ENGELHARD CPM midwife at Tender Gifts in Fort Collins

Bethany Melton


Learn More About Bethany

Bethany is an RN, BSN and a Birth Assistant for Tender Gifts. She has had a love for all things birth and babies since she was young. She loves assisting in birth and thinks it is the best job in the world! She also participates in home visits after baby is born. When not doing all things birth and baby you can find her at her small farmette in Erie, CO, wrangling her four small children, homeschooling or growing her garden.  She also loves traveling and being in the beautiful CO mountains.

VICTORIA ENGELHARD CPM midwife at Tender Gifts in Fort Collins



Learn More About Sylvia

Sylvia graduated with her RN from Front Range Community College in 2019 and spent the beginning of her career in pediatric home health before joining the team in July 2022. As the oldest of a large family all born in a freestanding birth center, she grew up with a love for out of hospital birth and a holistic approach to health care.

VICTORIA ENGELHARD CPM midwife at Tender Gifts in Fort Collins

Jenny Seel


Learn More About Jenny

Jenny began working in women’s health over 20 years ago.  She has spent her life empowering women to truly get to know their bodies and access their innate wisdom.  She has been a doula, educator, herbalist, nutritionist and most recently graduated nursing school with her BSN.  She looks forward to starting graduate school to attain her midwifery certificate in the near future.  

Her children were both born at home and her first words after the birth of her oldest were that she wanted to do it again!  She loves supporting women and changing the culture of childbirth.  When she isn’t doing birth work she enjoys homesteading, square dancing and hiking with her golden retriever.

Admin Team

Chrystal Boulden

Admin Director

Nicole Scarborough

Office Manager

Learn More About Nicole

Nicole joined the team in August of 2022 as the Office Manager for Tender Gifts. She has a background in EMS and served as the director of an ambulance agency. Wanting to explore another realm of healthcare, Nicole enrolled in Regis University in 2020. She is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree while obtaining her Master’s in Healthcare Administration.

She has an appreciation for holistic medicine and is humbly confounded at how fearfully and wonderfully we have been created. The greatest blessings in her life have been her 5 children, 6 siblings and an actively growing number of beautiful nieces and nephews! She enjoys the simpler pleasures that life brings and loves being around her family in the great outdoors of Colorado!

Rachel Levy


Learn More About Rachel

Rachel’s favorite part of her job is getting to be a part of such an important journey for so many women and families!

She feels honored to work beside such amazing, intelligent and caring women dedicated to giving each client the birth they want.

Kayla Rivers

Outreach Coordinator

Learn More About Kayla

Kayla is an Alaskan-born, Colorado transplant. Runner, yogi, backpacker and an all-around outdoor enthusiast she loves camping and any excuse to get out in the great outdoors for a few days at a time.   

Kayla attended Colorado State University for undergrad, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks for her M.B.A. Kayla has worked extensively in international education and also has experience in hospitality, property management and technology. 

She has lived in Fort Collins for the past ten years with her partner and her husky. She is thrilled to expand the welcoming community of Tender Gifts by bringing a diversity of resources to A Social Place-A space focused on increasing accessibility to birthing resources in our community

Doula Team

Tender Gifts is committed to equipping our clients with as many tools as possible to ensure an empowered and supported birth, postpartum, and bereavement care.  

Jessica Villella

Dawn Hager

Lead Doula

Learn More About Dawn

Dawn’s roots are in California, where she was born and raised. She moved to CO after meeting her husband. Dawn and her husband Nick have 3 children, Brayden (5), Naomi (3) and Breckyn (2). Dawn began down the road of becoming a doula while having her children and using a Doula herself. Dawn has a business outside of Tender Gifts as a BIRTHFIT coach and specializes in pre and post natal fitness. It became evident her coaching was easily applied in the role of a doula and she fell in love with Birth. Her goal for her clients and anyone she can work with is that they feel fully supported and educated in their decisions throughout pregnancy and labor. Dawn feels that empowering her clients is key to her role as a doula and helping these mamas bring their babies earthside. In the little spare time she has, you can catch her working out or riding her horse.

Jessica Villella

Hannah Lacy


Learn More About Hannah

Hannah Lacy joined our doula team back in April 2022! She has been around Tender Gifts since Jan 2021 and has loved getting to know clients and watch them along their pregnancy journey. Hannah was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO and lives with her family in town. She has 5 siblings and lots of cousins! Her interest in birth began when she watched her aunt’s home birth 6 years ago, and knew she wanted to pursue midwifery model of care. Someday, she would like to start school to become a midwife, but wants to build her skills as a doula first! Every mama’s story is so unique and empowering!

Jesse Vandenburg


Learn More About Jesse

Jesse was born and raised in Wyoming, counting Colorado as home since earning her BA in Math and Spanish from Western Colorado University in 2012. While there, she met her husband. They have four children together.

Her own birth experiences are great assets to her Doula work. She personally navigated unexpected complications and has had a cesarean as well as three VBAC’s. One of those was even at the birth center! Her passion for Doula work began in 2014 when friends insisted she attend their births due to her intuitive abilities paired with her knowledge of essential oils, homeopathics, emotional release and trauma work.

Brianna Spicka


Learn More About Brianna

As the Director of the Loveland CRU, Brianna helps train and support others for and in challenging times.  She does not want others to just “hang in there” but wants you to flourish in the midst of the uncertainty and expectancy.   She has worked on the front lines of crisis for 11 years as a Crisis Response Missionary and Chaplain for Crisis Response International, where she deploys around the world. 

While home in CO with her husband, 5 kids, and grandbaby, Brianna also fulfills other roles in the community, but what she loves best is her role as a Doula.  Her training with CRI, CBI and TG  have widened her skill set as a Doula.  Brianna’s sincere desire is for all to have unwavering Faith, Hope and Joy even when life is challenging.  “We were designed to Thrive, not just survive!”.

Jessica Villella

Jessica Villella


Learn More About Jessica

Jessica is our lead staff doula and birth class instructor. She is a wife and mama to three littles. Through her own personal experiences and journey into motherhood she found a deep love and passion for all things birth, babies and parenting.

Jessica has personally been through a cesarean as well as had multiple vbac births. After many years as a doula, she has found that she may be a great strength to have in a hospital setting, but home birth and birth center births are her heart and soul.


Jessica Villella

Kim Wagner