Althea Hrdlichka, CPM
Owner & Founder. Midwife

Althea Hrdlichka is a Certified Professional Midwife licensed in Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona. After completion of her clinical training in Arizona and Northern Colorado, she graduated from National Midwifery Institute in October of 2016 and received her national licensure in February of 2017.

Althea started her solo homebirth practice in 2016 and shortly after began pursuing her dreams to open Northern Colorado’s first freestanding birth center, Tender Gifts Midwifery & Birth Center. Althea began her career as a birth and postpartum doula in 2009 after the birth of her 4th baby. Her drive for supporting families during the most precious times in their lives began after having a number of different birthing experiences herself, ending with the most perfect homebirth.

She has had the honor of attending over 500 births. Althea has helped the women in our community with preconception counseling, providing complete prenatal care during pregnancy, labor and birth. As well as care for mother’s and baby’s in the postpartum period. Tender Gifts serves clients in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

Althea’s goal for her practice is to provide gentle, loving care to any and all clients, helping them have the birth experience they deserve.


CPM Midwife

Audrey began her journey to midwifery standing in an 8×8 shack in the slums of Manilla, Philippines. It was there holding a minutes old little boy she knew that she wanted to serve women in such a special time of their lives. Those few hours in that shack led her back to the Philippines to learn, work and serve there for two years attending close to 200 births.

Audrey believe’s that every woman has the right give birth in a safe environment with the support of people she loves and a team she trusts. Audrey completed her midwifery degree with Newlife International School of Midwifery in 2017 and began working at a birth center in Wasilla, Alaska. She continues to love being with families as they welcome a new life into the world whether that’s overseas or here in Colorado. When she is not waiting for a baby’s first cry she loves to travel, hike, rock climb or simply curl up with a cup of tea and good book!


CPM Midwife

Aubrey Mast is a Certified Professional Midwife licensed in Colorado. She graduated from Mercy in Action College of Midwifery in 2019 after completing her clinical training in Northern Colorado.

​​Aubrey finished her training with Tender Gifts Midwifery, where she went on to stay as a staff midwife. Aubrey found her passion for midwifery after attending the birth of her best friend’s baby, at home. While Aubrey first considered a career in nursing, she soon realized out of hospital midwifery was her calling. Aubrey has a passion to educate families and facilitate the birth they desire.


CPM Midwife

Victoria Engelhard is a Colorado Licensed Midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife. She graduated from Mercy in Action College of Midwifery in 2018 after completing her clinical training at Mercy Birth Center and L’Abri Midwifery in Idaho.

Victoria was born at home and grew up in a culture where midwifery care and homebirth was the normal way of life.

​Inspired by what she witnessed, Victoria wanted to provide the midwifery model of care to the women and families of her own community. Victoria is excited to serve as a midwife in Northern Colorado.


Student Midwife

Brecklen Ables has joined Tender Gifts Midwifery as student midwife continuing the desire she has to serve birthing families in this community.

Brecklen’s passion for birth started when she was preparing for her first baby. She began learning anything and everything she could about pregnancy and birth: studying hypnobabies, watching her nutrition, and making a birth plan. That entire birth plan went wrong, ending in an unplanned cesarean. Meanwhile, her sister had a successful home birth with a midwife and doula. After that, she made hiring a doula the first thing she did when she became pregnant a second time. It was after experiencing that support first hand that she knew she wanted to start her path towards supporting women in birth by becoming a doula.

​Brecklen’s desire to support birthing families has now shifted from being a doula to becoming a midwife and she cannot wait to start her journey with Mercy in Action College of Midwifery so she can serve and learn from her community.


Family Nurse Practitioner

Ciani Sosa is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is currently practicing in her home state of Colorado. Ciani has spent many years working with underserved populations and has a passion for serving in her global community.

Ciani graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Nursing. Ciani initially worked in the oncology field but soon determined that she desired a more on-going relationship with the people that she cared for. With relationship in mind, Ciani became a part of a local federally qualified health center. Ciani’s desire was to use primary intervention and education, to add her own effort to, improve the health of her local community. After several years of working as a nurse in the community, Ciani decided to return to school to become a nurse practitioner. Upon graduation from the Regis University Nurse Practitioner-Rural and Underserved program Ciani began practice at the federally qualified health center where she had become a part of the community and has continued to build relationships within that capacity. Ciani is now thrilled to be a part of Tender Gifts where she will continue to see clients of all ages.

Ciani is fluent in Spanish. She has participated in several medical missions to Peru as well as Mexico. In her spare time, Ciani enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with her husband, six children and her boxer dogs.