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Benefits of Ultrasound Services at Fort Collins

Our ultrasound imaging center in Fort Collins provides a beautiful experience for mothers looking for exceptional services. We offer diagnostic ultrasound services that include ultrasound scanning, prenatal imaging, ultrasound screening, and sonogram services. You gain a myriad of benefits by visiting our ultrasound center located in Fort Collins. Our ultrasound packages specifically focus on pregnant mothers in Fort Collins by helping them connect and look at their babies using fetal ultrasound. Our company boasts the best prenatal ultrasound in Fort Collins. Mothers interested in learning the sex of their baby can visit the center for inquiries. Our company stresses a 20-week ultrasound to provide exceptional guidance and advice to mothers. Our professionals at the center use the latest ultrasound scanners and sonography equipment to deliver excellent services using safe imaging techniques. You do not have to worry about the number of ultrasounds harming your baby. Many mothers who visit our center leave with smiles.
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People Often Ask:

Ultrasound imaging is a safe and painless procedure that uses sonography to provide real-time imaging of your internal organs. Sometimes, physicians use this method to look at a baby while still in the womb.
The center uses the 20-week ultrasound to look at the baby’s organs and development. Physicians use the scan to look for any abnormalities in the baby’s internal organs and body.
The physicians look for the baby’s genitalia. Specifically, the professional looks for a penis and testicles if it is a boy, and a clitoris and labia if it is a girl. However, this is difficult to determine in a fetus less than 18 weeks old.
Prenatal ultrasounds can determine any abnormalities in the baby’s development, the baby’s gender, the development of the baby, and the number of babies in your womb.
No established research claims that ultrasounds harm the baby. However, you should limit the number of ultrasounds to three, one in each trimester.

Our Services

Birth Center Birth

As an alternative to Homebirth, Tender Gifts Birth Center is Northern Colorado’s first full service birth center.

Homebirth Midwifery Care

Providing intuitive care through labor and birth.

Women's Services

Support during conception, pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.

Stand Alone Prenatal Care

We’re able to provide an option for women that would like to have a more gentle prenatal care experience with midwives but deliver in the hospital.

Doula Training

Comprehensive education for those with a calling for birth work.

Meet Our Founder, Althea Hrdlichka

Certified Professional Midwife

Althea is a Certified Professional Midwife serving Northern Colorado and it’s surrounding communities. Her career began in 2009 as a certified birth and postpartum doula, doula trainer, owner and herb specialist of Mother’s Life Tea. In January of 2017, Althea became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). By attending over 500 births in her career span, Althea is equipped with the knowledge & skillset to provide your family with an optimal homebirth experience and postpartum care. Althea has also built an incredible team to accompany her expertise at Northern Colorado’s first free-standing birth center.